Thursday, December 5, 2013

People's Problems

Well,I liked listen to people's problems, gave advices, solve anything that i can..
and as a friend, we ought to do that, right?

Not that i wanted something in return. I'm happy that they can solve their problems and live a great life. I'm happy for them. It just that... I kind of disturbed by the fact that when i need a person, to just listen to my problems , do what i always intended to do whenever people search for me and told me their problems..
they just don't.

I just want people to listen. Be a good listener for me.

I've always listen to theirs, so why didn't they want to listen to mine?
Every person got their problems, even the perfect people.
Their begging for my help , I helped them. Eventhough i need to sacrifices my things, my precious time...
Why just some people don't really appreaciate that?

I'm lending my ears, to listen, my shoulders, so that you can cry on it.. 
Even when I,myself, were having a lot of problems with people around me,even when i am still crying, I kept that. Just to make sure you felt as if i'm always by your side,steadily listening to your problems.

I just don't understand. 
I've already gave up hope to tell others how my heart felt, how my problems keep growing, how aching my heart is, how unfair this life, how ungrateful people sometimes.. 

I don't know where to turn.

People just kept getting bored, angry, just by listening to my problems.
And how do i suppose to trust people again?

It is so hard being a good listener when others just put me aside whenever i need them to lend their ears and shoulder...
When will this suffering going to stop?

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