Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Creepy Dream

I've got a creepy dream lately... It is really disturbing though....  For me.

I don't know if I miss him. Because the only thing on my mind is Kim. Then why is HE in my dream? The weird stuff is, there is only me and him. It is really disturbing -_-

We are at school. Talking,like the usual. Laughing about.. I don't know. I can't remember..
and then we went home.. to MY home.He walk with me till we get there. We went to my brother's room and start talking again. Then it was raining so he spent the time there just to wait until the rain stop. And then I remember... I asleep when i'm talking to him. He look at me for a while, then he put a pillow under my head, and cover my body with a blanket.. He smiled at me and went home...

I kind of stunned with that dream cause it seem so real...
I just don't get it. I love someone else, but why does HE appear in my dream?
He,who i never cried for,who i rarely thought about..

The mystery remain unsolved , i guess...
i don't get the answer...

But why him?

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