Friday, March 29, 2013

29 March 2013 (Short-Holiday)


Dear Bloggy,
                  I'm so bored today. hahahha.Just kidding. i'm chatting with Amirah Syuhada on Facebook now.we are talking about Izzat! hahaha.My favourite topic of the month! Speaking about Izzat, I am planning to give him something on 22 Sept. yeah. His birthday is on 22 sept. Just after my brother's birthday. I don'know if i can accomplish it, but i want to. I really really want to give him something. Just to make him remember me for something. Guess what? in my mind right now i'm planning to give him ........

-no idea-

Seriously,if he is a 'girl', i maybe could buy him some teddy bear or a nice storybook about some prince charming and a poor girl. But he ain't a girl. -_-

Urghh... i 'm gonna do my thinking elsewhere. It's stressing me out. Hahahaha.

                   Another story to be told. My relationship with alif , as a close friend, quite a lot of people got the wrong 'signal'. they thought alif and I were in some 'lovey-dovey' relationship.
                   Ehem. EXCUSE ME! Me? With Alif? Don't get me wrong,people. We are just FRIEND. And he even got a girlfriend. a girlfriend.not girlfriend's'. =_=''

How can people get the wrong impression? We use to argue a lot. A million time,maybe. and the fight involving 'fist and kick'. I've never heard a 'lovey-dovey' couple would fight like that. Not in our fight. na'ah.

                 'Gerak-gempur' is just around the corner. Urghh! another test is coming up. If you were in my place, I am 100% sure, you're going to get all stressful and might commit a suicide. Try to imagine, i need to 'work' but at the same time, 'study' in school. I 've already cried once,and unfortunately,in my class. It was in KH period. A chinese teacher sat in my class for a while but i don't know if she notice me.I was like sobbing,crying,sobbing,crying and then back to sobbing. It was so tiring and i felt that i ought to class. Before the teacher came looking for me and thought i skip her class.And there were this group of students. Boys to be exact. They were looking for someone but i don't know who. i just not in the mood to ask or lend a hand.But there's a guy, asking me about the condition of my eyes. Yeah. After 'crying session',my eyes turned red. I just ignored him and move on. (Hahahaha.meanie :P)

That's all for today,folks!If I was in my mood,i'm going to type this entry a lot longer than this. (i'm quite not sure with my vocabulary and grammar.)hehehehehe. assalammualaikum~