Saturday, November 24, 2012

Break-In My Pal's Blog


I'm going to start this entry with an evil laugh.ehem ehem.


I am just kidding around.. hehehe..

Ubah sana,ubah sini.. hohoho!!
Susah tau aku cari Shoutbox tu untuk kau...

Hmm?why i did this?
It is Obvious! I am just messing with you. That's all..
And I am already bored with my blog,trying to seek an idea...
So,instead messing with my blog..
It would be more fun to mess yours.

Oh.and 1 thing.Thank you for following my childish blog.
I really appreaciate that.

I already got 7 followers now!
Aww... so touching.. I think I'm gonna cry...huhuhu...

I use the Twitter's concept. recognize this?

"You Follow me,I will Follow you back."

Yeah.So If you guys follow me,I will do the same.
But I kind of pissed when I try to Follow the blogger's blog but I can't.
I can't seem to find your link.
So please leave behind your link at my shoutbox,so that I can easily follow you back.

Hmm..So that's all for today.
Thanks for reading..
And as for you,Safwan.If you didn't satisfied with what I did to your dearest blog..
Please do tell me.I will change it back.
Sorry for the messed up that I've done.. hihihi. X)

Okey! See you guys on the next entry,Chao!


  1. ▐_O▐_ (◕‿-) Hal'Lo ! Hel'Lo ! Hul'Lu !
    Alolololo ... Comey Mehhh Monkey Monkey Nih :* Geram Nyaaaa !!!

  2. Kak Yong Area:

    Ahahaha.comel kan??
    ambil la.Sy bagi free.keh keh keh! XD