Friday, June 13, 2014

People Changed.. Than So Do I


I am starting to realise that people around me ... literally change. And so do i. From that naive girl that was so sweet, innocent, polite, nice to a rude,talkative,strict, open minded and suprisingly .... strong. Yes, i was a wimp back then. Being picked by other kid quite so often but being loved at the same time. Pretending to be a major idiot because 'intelectual' didn't fit me. Being cute and cuddly cause i loved all the attention. Brave enough to confront boys and fight but so weak in front of girls. Well, that was me .

Year after year had passed. As i'm getting older , i'm starting to know how this world works. How vicious, arrogant and greedy mankind can be. I am getting wiser when i'm older. How? Experiences teached me. I learned from mistakes.

I'd learned how to confront people. How to consule. Gave advices. How to say 'NO', refuse, reject . How to answer back. How to help people. How to discuss. How to stand up for myself. How to protect my family and friends. How to use sarcsm . How to make others hate me. How to let my anger out. How to control my temper. How to identify friends or enemies. How to judge people. How to analysis people's reaction. How to keep a secret. How to be loyal. And how to survive in this cruel world.

 I know i'm brilliant,clever. I know i can make my parents proud with my result someday. I know how to study properly. I do know.

But when will i take that step?
 Nobody knows.
Neither do i.

Life. It is always simple. Allah just added a litte spice to our life. Why ? HE misses us telling Him our problems. He misses us praying to him. He misses us.

That's the only reason why our life being practically .. interesting :)

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